Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Why you should not eat chocolate and icecream for breakfast; Part I.

No, I kid. It's actually a fracking brilliant idea, except that now, six hours later, I physically can't function. I'm also feeling really kind of guilty because no joke, I had about 1000 calories worth of sweet, sugary, wondrous crap, all before 11am, and it was awesome. Yeah, I know, mlia.

So erm, I'm in England now (I was in Wales before, if I've not mentioned so far that I live there, well, there it is.) visiting my dad because for some reason my mum thought that a 150 mile separation was a fantastic idea. Louise the social worker called me yesterday but I was asleep, and yeah, it was like, eleven AM, but really, between having a home and sleeping, well, I know where my priorities lie. I called her back today but she wasn't in the office so I said I'd call her later, which I haven't, but oh my days, I am tired. Probably because of what crap i had for breakfast but still, no regrets :D

I really wish I had something more interesting to tell (all three of) my followers (just kidding guys, thank you haha, I didn't expect people to actually take the time to read or consider reading the random spewings of my conciousness) but, well, I don't so, yeah. My life seems to be on holiday right now, which I'm actually kind of thankful for. I like not hving to deal with things. Feels good man, feels good.

I'm going to go quietly slip into a food-coma now, so, yeah. Buh bye.


  1. I love having non-breakfast food for breakfast sometimes too :) hope the food coma didn't last too long lol.

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