Saturday, 31 July 2010

Feeling dirty.

I FEEL quite thoroughly filthy right now. I didn't sleep last night, so my body hasn't realised it's morning yet. I'm waiting for the three cups of coffee I've begrudgingly ingested to kick in and make me feel a little bit more lucid. So far, it's just made me feel ill. The reason I stayed up all night, of course, is because my dad's coming to pick me up today, and I hadn't packed or anything, so I couldn't afford to oversleep today, blargh. So uh, yeah, right now I'm feeling fatigued and like my insides are dying, woop. Also, I still have Pokémon theme music in my head.

K. Things I need to do this morning before my dad gets here...(one thing you should know about me - my life revolves around plans, lists, schemes and goals, which although I don't ever actually achieve, make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside)
Wash etc.
Get some Goddamn face on.
Put my makeup and junk in my toiletries bag.
Get the shoes and handbags I need together.
Go to NewLook and buy some socks. Yes, socks. Because I reached one of my goals (in fact surpassed it) and I deserve some new f*ckin' socks. (another thing you should know - hosiery and lingerie are my two leading obsessions)

It's nine, and I only have about three or so hours until my dad (might) get here, so I'm going to very slowly crawl off and get those things done.

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