Saturday, 28 August 2010


Please help.

But no, seriously. So, I'm in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands with my little cousin and my Grandma. The two most annoying people in the world, after my mother, of course.

That's just me, yeah, I know, I guess I just hate being with people. I like my privacy. I like singing in the shower. So being in a tiny house and sharing a tiny room with my mardy-ass Grandma and having a hyperactive annoying thirteen year old boy across the hall is pretty much perfect.

So, now that I'm quite done ranting about how TERRIBLE my life is *cough* I've decided that I'm going to stay living with my mum for the time being. If I've already said that in a previous post or something then I'm awfully sorry, but I'm just far too lazy to check. So yeah, I'm going to just suck it up and stay with her until I go to uni, and then I'll get my own place. No roommates. Just me. Til then, I guess I'll just have to find a way to fund my sure-to-develop valium habit. Talking of funding, I need a car, and I need a gym membership, looks like I'm probably going to have to either become a whore or a drug pusher.

I can't be bothered to write anymore today, so, yeah, I'm going to split for now, I feel crappy and I hate everything.

Bye :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Why you should not eat chocolate and icecream for breakfast; Part I.

No, I kid. It's actually a fracking brilliant idea, except that now, six hours later, I physically can't function. I'm also feeling really kind of guilty because no joke, I had about 1000 calories worth of sweet, sugary, wondrous crap, all before 11am, and it was awesome. Yeah, I know, mlia.

So erm, I'm in England now (I was in Wales before, if I've not mentioned so far that I live there, well, there it is.) visiting my dad because for some reason my mum thought that a 150 mile separation was a fantastic idea. Louise the social worker called me yesterday but I was asleep, and yeah, it was like, eleven AM, but really, between having a home and sleeping, well, I know where my priorities lie. I called her back today but she wasn't in the office so I said I'd call her later, which I haven't, but oh my days, I am tired. Probably because of what crap i had for breakfast but still, no regrets :D

I really wish I had something more interesting to tell (all three of) my followers (just kidding guys, thank you haha, I didn't expect people to actually take the time to read or consider reading the random spewings of my conciousness) but, well, I don't so, yeah. My life seems to be on holiday right now, which I'm actually kind of thankful for. I like not hving to deal with things. Feels good man, feels good.

I'm going to go quietly slip into a food-coma now, so, yeah. Buh bye.